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Le Team building est essentiel pour créer un réel esprit d’équipe et tisser des liens forts entre les différents membres d’une entreprise.

Team building is essential to create a real team spirit and forge strong links between the different members of a company.

Team building is a set of strategic actions. It aims to improve the functioning and cohesion of a team, to clarify the roles and responsibilities of its members and to increase the potential of each, in order to achieve a better level of performance.

The goal of team building is to develop relationships and communication between team members, in order to make it more efficient, creative and productive. Our fast and consistent method allows teams to develop the skills needed to effectively solve diverse situations in an environment that forces them to act differently from traditional patterns.

By carrying out a team building activity in Morocco or abroad, we offer you to live a real experience for a real result. Do you want your team to be more involved? Specialized trainers will lead debriefing sessions, in order to facilitate the sharing of everyone's experience and feelings on the issues addressed

Our fast and consistent method allows teams to develop the skills needed to effectively solve diverse situations in an environment that forces them to act differently from traditional patterns.

Treasure of the Atlas in 4X4

A Discovery rally in 4×4 (with or without driver) off the beaten track: Explore the authenticity of Morocco in the heart of the mountains, using a Road Book: from stage to stage, accumulate points, clues, and find on your route different events or workshops that will mark your ride.
Marrakech et ses environs
Journée avec ou sans déjeuner
Capacité : 20 à 300 participants
Marrakech and its surroundings
Day with or without lunch
Capacity: 20 to 300 participants
Idéal pour partager et découvrir les richesses d’un Maroc authentique – Une découverte en 4×4 des pistes méconnues de l’Atlas : un Maroc côté nature en toute exclusivité
Ideal to share and discover the riches of an authentic Morocco – A discovery in 4×4 of the little-known slopes of the Atlas: a Morocco on the nature side in all exclusivity

Karavan Express

Like the Beijing Express, "Karavan' Express" is an itinerant adventure in 4X4 combining strategy, communication and race against the climb (part excluding driving only). With the help of an itinerary, find the checkpoints and collect the sesames. In total autonomy, evolve from test to test in the heart of the landscapes of the High Atlas!
Marrakech and its surroundings
• 1/2 day or day with or without lunch
• 20 to 120 people
• Team Building Rally – Ideal to discover differently the riches of an authentic Morocco.

The crazy people behind the wheel

Embark on a crazy race aboard your soap box. Use your imagination and team spirit to design the most original car using the materials provided and get started on the circuit. The ingenuity and creativity of your team will be required to win the race against your opponents
• Outdoor
• 1/2 day
• Maximum 120 people
• Compete and have fun against each other while using team cohesion, skills, and collaboration.


In cooking challenge version or workshops, it is a discovery of Moroccan gastronomy, its know-how and its know-how to receive that await you in an exceptional setting: In a secret Riad of the Medina or the gardens of a Palace of the Palmeraie. After the realization of a traditional meal, the best moment is through the tasting, a program full of colors and flavors!
• Riad, Palaces, Gardens ...
• 1/2 day or day
• 20 to 40 participants
• Fun and informative activity – Exclusive sensory experience – A gourmet and stimulating competition for your Employees

BOOSTEZ !Team Coaching

Boost your results and the motivation of your Employees thanks to team coaching In addition to your Team Building or during a seminar, we offer Team Coaching sessions lasting from half a day to 2 days. The sessions are led by a certified European Consultant specialized in management and collective performance dynamics
1/2 day to 2 days
Strengthen the links within the team to collaborate more effectively, resolve internal dysfunctions and mobilize individual talents in the service of collective performance thanks to these unique sessions in Morocco.

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