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Moroccan cuisine Food

Tagine dishes should definitely be tried

One of the best tajine dishes is lamb tagine with plums, apricots and roasted almonds

Moroccan cuisine - couscous - tajine - harira–mechoui

A special Moroccan aperitif is harira soup. It is very rich and consists of tomatoes, parsley, coriander, small pieces of lamb, onions, lentils, chickpeas, flour, water, salt, pepper, ginger, saffron.

Olives should not be missing in Moroccan food. They are available in all variants and flavors. To try! A typical aperitif is the so-called Moroccan salad. Diced tomatoes, white, green and red peppers and fresh parsley, served with olive oil and vinegar. Delicious


10 Moroccan dishes of Moroccan cuisine:

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<center><h4>1.Boiled and steamed chicken </h4></center>
<center><h4>2. Kefta, meatballs with fried eggs, seasoned with cumin </h4></center>
<center><h4>3.Lamb with caramelized quinces –Sfarcel</h4></center>
<center><h4>4. Vegetarian couscous </h4></center>
<center><h4>5. Seffa, fine chicken noodles, raisins, icing sugar </h4></center>
<center><h4>6. Briouats, dumplings stuffed with vegetables, minced meat </h4></center>
<center><h4>7. M Hamer, whole chicken, lemons, olives, roasted almonds </h4></center>
<center><h4>8. Tefaya, lamb, raisins, almonds, eggs, apricots, plums</h4></center>
<center><h4>9.Tride, pancake slices, lentils, chicken, onions </h4></center>
<center><h4>10. Moroccan sardines</h4></center>

Moroccan cuisine and food:

The national dish in Morocco is couscous. Couscous is traditionally prepared in a couscousier. These are two pots on top of each other. In the lower pot comes meat and vegetables (carrots, zucchini, beets, pumpkin) with spices and in the upper pot is couscous. Through a sieve at the bottom of the upper pot, the cooking steam flows from the lower pot into the upper pot. Couscous stirring several times, it takes on the special taste of the lower pot. Another specialty of Moroccan cuisine are the dishes prepared in the Tajine. In Tajine, chicken, beef, lamb and vegetables are cooked like a tagine dish.

Everywhere in Morocco you will find noble and fragrant spices in all colors. The secrets of spices are passed down from generation to generation. Everyone makes their own blends to give the dishes a unique and personal taste.

Here is a list of spices and herbs used in Moroccan cuisine ginger - coriander - nutmeg - saffron - black pepper - white pepper - cinnamon - saffron - cumin - star anise - sweet pepper