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Morocco is an actual life-size playground. Hot air balloon flight, quad or buggy rides by the sea, hot air balloon flight, camel safari in the desert, or initiation to kitesurfing on the Atlantic coast.

Private hot air balloon flight in Marrakech

At sunrise, a mosaic of colors and landscapes: from inflation to tea break… start of the photo competition!
• Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
• Duration: 4 hours (approximately)

Discover pure bliss amid the silence and azure, and admire the splendid colors and relief of the Moroccan lands from the sky in a private hot-air balloon while savoring a gourmet breakfast served in the air. Thanks to your dedicated pilot and hostess (or steward), coffee, Moroccan tea, fresh orange juice, and special juices (seasonal fruits) will be served in the air, thanks to your dedicated pilot and hostess (or steward).
This flight is private, as is transportation, for 2 to 16 people—an exceptional and rare experience

Waky Marrakech

Waky Marrakech is the first CablePark in Morocco; it is located on the Ourika road. The water ski has revolutionized water skiing around the world. Without being a master in the field, this is a revolutionary new way of water skiing with ease. The lake was specially designed for water skiing and wakeboarding and managed by quadruple world champion Francis Koot. The exceptional setting in which you operate! Imagine you are on the water, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains… Fun, ecological and friendly, it provides delightful sliding sensations and allows you to practice different disciplines such as wakeboard, kneeboard, wakeskate, bi skis, and slalom.

Waky Marrakech also has a restaurant where you can enjoy quick summer cuisine by the pool or sip a drink at the bar.

On-site, the Waky Shop offers all the necessary equipment for the practice of nautical disciplines. In addition, the Waky Marrakech store also offers Beach Wear with, in particular, renowned surf brands never seen before in Morocco… Everything to have fun!

Bi Skis
Bi Skis refer to traditional skiing. To start and progress, this is the best way to acquire a good balance. Bi Skiing allows you to learn and consolidate good technical basics of water skiing and master an essential step towards other disciplines such as wakeboarding.


With its frontage open to the Atlantic, Essaouira is undoubtedly among the best destinations in Morocco to try out water sports such as surfing or kitesurfing. It must be said that the city has everything to please athletes: a pleasant temperature throughout the year (around 25 ° C), a mighty wind that blows from April to October, a closed bay and protected by the Mogador Islands… In short, a spot is as perfect for beginners as for seasoned boarders. And then, I am talking about surfing and kitesurfing, but you can also windsurf or stand-up paddle there!


Yes, you read that right! Only a few kilometers from Marrakech, there is a great site where whitewater activities are legion. In the heart of the Moroccan wadis, I invite you to discover the joys of rafting in the heart of nature. This will be an opportunity for you not only to experience thrills but also to discover extraordinary landscapes. The descents go from a few tens of minutes on the Ourikawadi to several hours on the N'fisswadi. Moreover, for seasoned athletes, I reserve a 45-kilometer course over two days on the Ahansalwadi!


It is an excursion that I like to offer to families who are discovering Marrakech. The Terresd'Amanar reserve, backing onto the Toubkal National Park, is only a 30-minute drive from the Red City and offers a superb tree-climbing course, zip lines, and abseiling. So, in the company of a local guide, I suggest you go deep into the heart of the reserve and slide among the trees: a fun and original way to discover the region.


This is a fact that we know little about Morocco and which resolutely allows you to think outside the box. After all, who thinks of Morocco when it comes time to go for winter sports? However, the destination is ideal for combining thrills and discovery of superb landscapes.
Among the resorts that I like to introduce to travelers, there is, of course, that of Michlifen, with which I combine the visit of the cities of Meknes and Fez. This charming resort has 5 slopes perched at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters and is located not far from Ifrane, which is nicknamed "La Petite Suisse Marocaine."

The Oukaïmeden station is also very popular with Moroccans, especially the local jet-set. It is located only an hour's drive from Marrakech and has a chairlift and three ski lifts, all perched between 2600 and 3200 meters above sea level.


This activity can be practiced everywhere in Morocco, in the mountains, on the coast, or in the desert. It is up to you to decide in which environment you want to have fun in complete freedom, behind the wheel of an entertaining machine. Whether you opt for a quad or a buggy, know that both are ideal for accessing places usually inaccessible by vehicle. Add to that a good dose of thrills, and we have an explosive discovery cocktail!


Camel rides are a must for any stay in Morocco to discover these unique animals, companions of the peoples of the desert since the dawn of time. By the sea on the Atlantic coast or in the heart of the desert to admire the sun setting behind the dunes, nothing like a camel ride to create unique memories. Far from the beaten track, I will be happy to share the best places for camel riding in Morocco. It will also be an opportunity for you to meet the camel drivers and participate on your scale in the life of the desert.

Sandboarding dans le désert marocain

Sandboarding dans le désert du Maroc: est un sport de planche qui consiste à chevaucher ou à traverser des dunes en se tenant debout, les deux pieds attachés à une planche. Nous organisons des activités de sandboard dans les dunes du désert de Mahamid. Sandboarding dans le désert marocain Contenu: Nuit au campement dans le désert, oh hôtel à M'hamidSandboard Equipment Consignes de sécuritéRafraîchissements

Combined Buggy Dromedary Marrakech

1 day A day of adventure, on four wheels or all fours!
Experience these two activities in one day: a camel ride and a buggy ride in the Jbilets desert north of Marrakech.

We pick you up from your hotel and take you to the departure site to first meet our team, who will explain the day to you: after a camel ride, you will be offered lunch at Hicham's as well as a ride in a buggy. Discover the thousand-year-old mud houses and traditional hammams. Experience in one day the beauty of the arid landscapes of the north of Marrakech and the hospitality and authenticity of our camel ride. You will feel in the shoes of adventurers: for the camel ride, we will provide you with a cheich, while for the buggy activity, we will provide ourselves with all the necessary equipment for your safety: helmet, balaclava, and sunglasses for protection.

To know
This excursion is possible all year round.
Departures every day with transfers around 9:00 am. Precise appointment time confirmed the previous day by phone.
The total duration of approximately 8 hours: transfers, reception, preparation, briefing, initiation, route, and return to the hotel.
Maximum one passenger per pilot. It is not possible to book only passengers.
Children under 12 must ride with an adult on the camel and in the buggy.
They only pay half the price. Be careful. However, not all children can enjoy the whole day.
Minors under 16 must participate as a passenger. An identity document will be requested on site.
Minors aged 16 and over must have parental permission to be able to drive a quad.
Our guides take photos during the excursion. You can share them on our Facebook page. If you do not want to appear in these photos, please let us know.
Our departure base, part of a local village, is open all year round and has toilets and Wi-Fi.

We recommend wearing closed shoes, soft and comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and a windbreaker (in winter).
We suggest that you avoid wearing shorts or a skirt in order to respect local customs.
We are often asked if there are dunes. However, unfortunately, there are none in the Palm Grove of Marrakech or elsewhere in the region.
What is included in this activity? The items that are included in the price of the activity?
We pick you up and take you back to your hotel (or the nearest parking lot) if it is located 5km or less from the center of Marrakech.
One camel per person as well as one buggy per person (for the pilot option). For the Adult passenger option, one camel per person.
One cheich per person to protect you from the sun and the equipment necessary for the buggy (helmet, balaclava, protective goggles).
Tea break and lunch with the locals: taste the famous mint tea and the delicious Moroccan pancakes called msemen and a delicious tagine. Vegetarian option available on request

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