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Flavors of Morocco

Prickly pear youth oil: the anti-aging and beauty asset of the hair

Prickly pear oil is one of the most effective in cosmetics. Rare and precious, it is however very little known. Let's put the spotlight on this almost miraculous oil, as much for the skin as for the hair.

Le figuier de Barbarie est une espèce de plante de la famille des Cactacée, très répandue au Maroc. L’huile de figue de barbarie est extraite des graines qui se trouvent dans le fruit. Une tonne est nécessaire pour fabriquer un litre de cette huile, d’où son prix élevé. L’huile de graines de figue de barbarie, a la capacité de protéger la peau contre les radicaux libres. Riche en acides gras essentiels, l’huile de figue de barbarie a des propriétés adoucissantes et réparatrices pour la peau. Cette huile a également des vertus nourrissantes, et perfectionne l’hydratation des couches supérieures de l’épiderme. Utilisée dans le domaine des cosmétiques bio, l’huile de graine de figue de barbarie est principalement prisée en tant que soin antirides, et lutte plus qu’admirablement contre le vieillissement cutané. Hydratante, nourrissante, cicatrisante, raffermissante, protectrice, régénérante, l’huile de figue de barbarie s’utilise quotidiennement pour apporter souplesse et élasticité à la peau.


The SAFRAN comforts and disposes to joy

In addition to its culinary use, saffron has medicinal properties. It has always been used in traditional medicine, to calm spasms, toothaches, painful periods, to release energy.

Today scientists have clearly recognized that Saffron is a medicinal plant and has its tinctorial power. The captivating flavor of saffron has long been linked to traditional Moroccan and Spanish cuisine.

Today, it is not only its status as a spice that ensures the notoriety of Berber Saffron but also its richness in B vitamins and pro vitamins A. B vitamins and pro vitamins A are the best natural antioxidants highly appreciated by modern consumers. in search of pleasure and eternal youth. Only picking the closed flowers before sunrise and drying in the shade !! are the guarantors of a highly vitaminized saffron.

Argan oil for food

Edible Argan Oil is an organic oil from first pressing of grilled argan tree nuts. This oil has the same properties as cosmetic Argan oil. A real makeover for your body. The only difference is that the amendments have been roasted, which gives it a particular color with a unique taste, with multiple virtues: Rich in vitamin E and cholesterol-free, it participates effectively in diet menus and enhances the flavor of dishes, such as couscous. , fish and salad dressings.