Perfect Holidays

Our Charter of Commitment

Respecting health standards seemed to us to be one of the most important points in order to reassure our customers and partners about the resumption of activities, events (Team building, incentives, seminars, etc.) and other events. Our presence in the field will be conditioned by strict compliance with safety rules, as long as this is necessary ...

Below you will find our charter of commitment with all the elements that we will put in place to comply with the new measures and all the decisions to limit a possible spread of the virus as much as possible.

Wearing a mask
Wearing a mask will be made compulsory for indoor entertainment and it will be strongly recommended for outdoor activities as long as the physical distance of one meter cannot be respected. For participants who do not have their personal mask, our animation teams will provide the necessary quantity for each event. These masks, in packaging and for single use, will be approved to AFNOR standards. Dedicated bins will be available to dispose of all sensitive equipment.

Hydroalcoholic gel
At each of our corporate events, participants will be able to benefit from hydroalcoholic gel. Depending on the type of activities, we will adapt to ensure that each of them can disinfect their hands while respecting barrier gestures and health standards. With hydroalcoholic gel available on each table and / or on each workshop, participants will be asked to wash their hands regularly during the activity or at the end of each rotation depending on the configuration of the activity.

Indoor entertainment
For indoor events, we will do our best to respect the rules of the venue hosting the event. We will limit movement in the rooms and favor a seated position around tables dedicated to each team (10 people maximum per team) while respecting the principle of distancing. For an activity with workshops requiring travel, a one-way rotation system will be set up depending on the location and space in order to limit contact between participants as much as possible and to prevent them from crossing paths. These health safety measures will also allow time for our animation teams to disinfect and properly clean the workshops after each rotation.

Limitation of the number of participants
The number of people that can be accommodated simultaneously at an event will be limited depending on government regulations regarding gatherings on the date of the event. Cleaning and disinfection of animation equipment The equipment necessary for the realization of our team building activities or company evening will be immobilized without exception for 72 hours (period during which the virus remains viable on materials, in particular plastic). This equipment will also be disinfected using approved products (bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal wipes). In the field, these same disinfectant wipes will be available at the workshops set up in order to clean them after each rotation (eg: digital terminals from the sustainable development team building). In the same vein, the touchscreen tablets made available to participants in the context of digital activities such as Rally, Survey, Quiz, etc. will also be cleaned before any animation starts.

Animation team
Health prevention will be applied in the first place to our animation teams without exception. Before each departure for a corporate event, our facilitators will, for example, be required to identify potential feverish symptoms using an infrared thermometer. In a proven case, the facilitator will be replaced upstream of the activity without having contact with the rest of the team. The animation team will also wear a mask throughout the performance. Changes to the rules of the game or workshops

In order to comply with health measures and guarantee user-friendliness, the DNA of our games, the playful side, we can modify certain rules of the game or change workshops within our activities. This will be mentioned and will not impact the experience of the participants.