Andrée Heller and Morocco

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Andrée Heller and Morocco; a long love story...

André Heller is a star in Austria. Singer, friend of the Rolling Stones, collects gold records. And he is also a playwright, writer, producer of films and various shows, a sculptor who discovered Morocco in 1972 and returns there every year to rest and seek inspiration.

About ten years ago, André Heller set his mind on creating something in Morocco to thank the country he fell in love with. A garden spontaneously came to mind. . A garden he wants to be heavenly. In 2008 he finally found what he was looking for: 8 hectares, in the Ourika Valley and in the shadow of the imposing Atlas, 28 km from the ochre city. The land is fallow: no tree, no shrub, no plant, no flower.

And that pleases him: everything has to be done! After 6 years of work and about 10 million euros, the dream of a universal artist finally came true >>. This extraordinary garden was opened to the public in 2016 and conceived as a botanical staging. Between exotic palm trees, fragrant flowers and thorny cacti, works of art of all kinds were integrated into the landscape.

Called one of the most beautiful and imaginative in the world, this over two-acre garden is a clever blend of art and botany. In fact, in addition to the beauty of its vegetation, the Jardin Anima also consists of three exhibition spaces dedicated to culture and art, highlighting young talents in contemporary art. >>beauty, health, smells, colors and movements are the terms André Heller uses to describe his creation. True Garden of Eden, which invites contemplation, escape and relaxation.


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